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Pain Elimination

Pain Elimination

If you are suffering with pain in your life, I have a unique service which can help you eliminate that pain.

It’s called OldPain2Go and it eliminates pain by removing old pain messages in the body.

What is OldPain2Go?

OldPain2Go is a unique way of eliminating old pain signals in the body.  When you feel pain in your body, your brain is sending you a message to tell you that there is an area of your body that needs help.   With OldPain2Go, those pain signals will be challenged to see if they are still appropriate/valid.

Will it work?

Yes, in the majority of cases with a client who is positively wanting to be free of pain, there is no reason why it will not work.

What can I expect?

One of three things: Zero pain, reduced pain or no change.  No change is very rare.  Total removal of old pain is the most frequent result, second is reduction in pain.

Will it work on any kind of pain?

Yes, it works regardless of the original cause of pain.

I am on really strong pain killers, can OldPain2Go turn this pain off?

Yes it can. I have had clients who arrive with an 8 out of 10 pain despite being on strong pain medication, including morphine, and with one treatment the pain went done to 0.

I have put up with this pain for many years – how can it just go away within minutes?

The longer you have the pain, the more likely it is that it is no longer serving any purpose to your body and can therefore be turned off.

How often do I need treatment for pain elimination?

This is a once only treatment for that old pain.  It works be deleting the old pain message – therefore it cannot return.

What reasons or circumstances will stop it from working?

The simple test is to answer this simple question out loud: “Do you want to be free of this pain?”  If your answer is YES then it will most likely work for you.

Can the old pain come back?

When we keep looking for the pain we have lost it could convince our subconscious to give us the pain again.  As a practitioner I will discuss how to manage your use of language and internal thoughts to prevent this.

Is it hypnosis, and is it totally safe?

No, it isn’t hypnosis, and yes, it is totally safe.


If you are interested in finding out how this can help you, please contact me on 07739 883 460.